Shanty Buildings

On the left is the "Bombshell Bar", and the right is the "Ritz" flop house. The Xacto is for scale. The lollipop stick was used to make the stove-pipes.

Okay, I guess I’ll kick this off by describing my newest project: Road Warrior. Both general post-apocalyptic scenario terrain and specific elements from the movie itself.

After learning how to capture images from movies on my computer (my techno-savy wife gets all the credit… and the blame for this blog as well), I played Road Warrior on Netflix “play now” on my computer. BTW, it is no longer available on play-it-now, which sucks. Anyhow, I paused numerous frames and stole images of the Refinery Town, as well as the cars in Humungus’ road-clan for scratch building ideas.

Side note: I think it’s funny how post-apocalyptic gaming is getting hot now, but everyone wants to arm their cars like “super-technicals”, rather than be purists and give everyone crossbows and pneumatic-arrow cannons. I’m going to try using crossbows and high-speed “boarding actions” like the movie to see how that works out. We may just go back to firepower on Chevys, though, if the games aren’t fun.

Okay, back to the main idea. So first off I spied a school bus at the local CVS that is a near-perfect version of the one in the movie. It’s the larger scale “toy car”, but most of the hotwheels will look fine next to it, particularly b/c it’s mostly a gate, and not a driving vehicle. I converted the bus using PLASTRUCT HO scale “Diamond Plate” (the stuff’s pretty pricey, but you get two sheets and I have only used half of one sheet so far on car conversions, so it’s worth the money). That was for the gate-side. For the inside I glued some wood scraps for the shelf, and put some random bits on the shelf. You can see it clearly in the movie-pix, which I will put in my Flickr account as inspiration. I also used an old trick I learned from Stone Mountain minis to take Kleenex and white glue to make tarps with wrinkles. They dry hard, look great, and are really easy to make once you get the hang of mixing the right amount of water with the glue to not tear the Kleenex. BTW, I’ve tried both TP and Paper Towels to lesser effect. The TP is way too fragile, and the Towels are tough to saturate with enough glue, and they usually have a texture on them you don’t necessarily want.

I’m off to take some pictures so you all can see what I’m talking about. More soon.