Stacked "Tires" (actually Smarties and candy necklaces)

I glued Smarty candies and Candy Necklace candies onto Throat Lozenges to build up walls, and to round Woodsies (from Michaels) to make junkyard terrain. I made the walls four to five tires tall, so that they completely conceal a 20mm figure. As to scale, the Smarties are exactly the right size for Hotwheels/ Matchbox tires, but they do not come with a hole in their center. The Candy Necklace pieces already have a hole, but need to be sanded down to make them flat.

Overall,  I like the Smarties better as they already have the general shape of a tire. Once I got the walls built to the height I wanted I filed the edges of the top tires using an emory board to round them out, then I took my Dremel tool and (I think) a 1/8″ drill bit and carefully drilled out the tops. To my surprise the candy wasn’t quite as brittle as I expected and I drilled them all out in no time with no breakage. I later tried this on a single candy and it shattered everytime. Apparently gluing them into a mass reinforced them strength.

Also, even though these are candies (and I still intend to lacquer the heck out of them to keep out bugs) I don’t think it’ll be too huge of an issue b/c they are not terribly sweet and an ant would probably not find them very interesting. Then again, I don’t plan to find out! These were easy to build using an assembly-line process, but now that Football season is essentially over, I won’t have something to fill the time while the glue dries between layers.